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Diving in St. Thomas for Cruise Ship Passengers

Diving St. Thomas cruise Passangers

The BEST Choice for Cruise Ship Divers

We'll Pick You Up!

If you are looking for a dive operator in St. Thomas that makes cruise ship diving easy and convenient while also offering some of the most beautiful reefs and historic ship wrecks found in the Virgin Islands.. Then look no further!

Scuba Diving with Admiralty Dive Center
Ships arriving by 8:00 am will typically dive on our morning trip 8:30 – 12:00
Ships arriving later than 9:00am will typically dive on our afternoon trip 12:30 – 4:30


Lets Dive!
Once you arrive on the dive boat, our PADI Instructors and Captain will be ready to take on some of the best dive sites on St. Thomas. You can bring your own gear along or you can use ours.

Once you arrive at our first dive site, you can expect a detailed but not boring dive briefing. Under the Caribbean ocean your PADI instructor will give you a guided tour of the reef or wreck that you will tell all your friends about.

Between dives, sit back and relax, have a drink of water.. while our crew prepares your gear and gives you a briefing of the next dive site. After that breathtaking dive don't worry about having to frantically disassemble your gear. Leave it to us and enjoy the scenery while we take you back to either your cruise ship or our dive shop.

If you are not certified but are interested in our Discover Scuba Dive, Our PADI instructor is ready to take you to make bubbles..


Let's Start Your St. Thomas Scuba adventure!
No matter where your  ship is docking Admiralty Dive Center is your best choice!

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