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Wreck Diving St. Thomas
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Join us for wreck and reef diving  at some of the best St. Thomas dive sites

 Admiralty Dive Center is here to guide you through your St. Thomas scuba diving  adventure.  Our goal is to provide you with the best diving experience in the Caribbean.  Over 120 dive sites, reefs and wrecks are available for you undersea exploration. Dive the famous W.I.T. Concrete, a 400-foot oil tanker in 90 feet of water, "The Miss Opportunity",  The Kennedy, The WIT Shoal and others. We feature beginner through advanced diving. Have a wreck you want to see? Just let us know and we will try our best to get there.


wit concrete

A few of our favorite WRECKS

Navy Barges: With ribs reaching upward like the very skeleton of an extinct dinosaur "The Navy Barges" provide a home for an array of tropical fish and colorful coral. The 45-foot depth allows plenty of bottom time for your voyage into the past.


East Wind: Corporate yacht that fell victim to a squall and ended up on the rocks in the late 60s. Time and hurricanes have reaped their toll and have scattered the remains among the colorful reef, with swim throughs, a large population of tropical fish, lobsters, occasional sharks and turtles, making this 50-foot dive a beautiful and exciting dive.


Miss Opportunity: A 300-foot plus hospital ship that was used as an office complex now lies 3/4 upside down in 90+ feet. Home to a huge Jew fish, and other pelagics, make this an adrenaline-pumping dive. (Advanced dive)


W.I.T. Shoal: The premier dive of the Virgin Islands. 400+ foot freighter, laying upright in 90+ feet of crystal blue water. Home for large Jew fish, snappers, roaming pelagics, turtles and tropicals. A photographer's dream, as light penetrates the holds and passage ways. Penetrate the ship by entering the smoke stack openings, enter the very soul of the W.I.T. Shoal. (Advanced dive) 


A few of our favorite REEFS

With so many beautiful reefs to choose from, we will always choose the best site for conditions and diver ability.


Flat Cay: A playground for tropical fish and slow flying sting rays. Depths from 17 to 70 feet make this an ideal dive site for experienced divers to snorkelers.


Dry Rocks: Grottos, overhangs and crystal blue water make this an ideal habitat for tons of tropical, pelagic and reef fish. Occasional turtles and sharks add to the wonderment of this 30-foot to 70-foot dive.


Stone Face: Large coral-encrusted fingers starting at 50+ feet, reaching shoreward to 10 feet make this dive seem like a walk in the park. Enjoy the wildlife as you slowly weave through the rows of coral.


Sprat Point: Picture frame swim throughs, billows of coral, make this a wonderful dive. With the average depth of 40 feet, it's a memorable experience.


Easter Reef: A sea mound laying in 80 feet, is home to a bevy of sea life, from the tiny bassets to a shy Jew fish. Often times you may be greeted by turtles, free-swimming eels, eagle rays, sharks and all the wonderment mother nature has to offer. (Advanced dive)

The majority of our reefs are in the 40-foot to 60-foot range. Sea conditions and diver experience are always a consideration for your fun and safety. Requests are always considered.


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