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BEST Advance Diver Outfit on the Island

If you are looking for deep dives, wrecks and lobster harvesting, this is the dive center for you. Capt. Jerry offers a no frills boat with the BEST diving on island. The boat leaves out of Frenchtown and on any day visits a wreck and reef that no other dive center offers on island. If you are looking to go out on the weekend, I recommend you be an advance deep water diver as it will be majority local divers who are very familiar with the boat and sites and expect deep dives. During the week the dives are more beginner friendly. The boat offers water but there is no ice chest (right now) so make sure to bring your own drinks and snacks if you are wanting something to eat during your surface interval. DM Brittany and DM Guy will show you around but be ready for rough water and currents and know how to manage your air consumption.

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