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Diving with a pig - a truly unique experience!

I had a wonderful time diving with Admiralty Dive Center on St. Thomas. We came in from a cruise ship and had no problem meeting Jerry at the windmill on the pier. A short drive later we were at the boat and met our dive guide Witt and Abby (the pig). Witt was quick to grab our gear and set it up for us. Even though I was more than happy to set up my own kit, Witt and Jerry kept reminding me that I was on a vacation, and they made the whole experience comfortable and easy going.As a dive instructor, myself, I know what it means to cater to every diver's unique experience level and interests. Witt and Jerry did just that - planning our destinations to align with the collective interests and experience levels of the group. Two of us were very experienced, and two of us hadn't dove in years (and their air consumption showed it). Even though we only had 4 divers, both Witt and Jerry made it underwater, and Jerry escorted the heavy breather back to the ship mid-way through (hit 700psi after 25 minutes) while the rest of us were able to continue to the planned dive time. The second dive was adjusted to a shallow depth to ensure we were all able to make a comfortably long dive with plenty to see along the way. After the dive, Witt broke down everyone's kit and allowed us to simply relax until we got back to shore. All-in-all, a very pleasant high-touch dive experience.

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