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Fabulous Dive Trip! Highly Recommend!

Very easy booking online at the last minute. Friendly, welcoming staff. While the boat was just about full, there was plenty of room for my gear, camera, and stuff. More people meant more eyes to find critters and we made friends with a couple of people who live on St Thomas full time. Jerry, capt and owner, excellent waterman, boat is coast guard approved, etc. He was careful to choose sites appropriate for the conditions which is always a must. Witt is a well seasoned, knowledgeable dive master, one of the best I've seen on a boat anywhere. The diving itself was a joy, Miss Opportunity, a sunk hospital ship and Flat Cay both provided abundant wildlife, soft and hard corals, fish, shrimp galore, lobster and even 2 (!!!) seahorses. I highly recommend diving in St Thomas and boat diving with Admiralty!

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