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Great customer service and relaxed vibe

Abbi the Scuba Pig St. Thomas

I was taking a solo day away from my travel group and decided late to book. I was recommended to Jerry at Admiralty Dive from another larger dive shop that was booked solid. It felt like I was on a secret mission... text this guy I know, he does local dives, he may have room... it ended up being a fabulous adventure with what felt like a more local and down home shop. (Which is totally my style!) Jerry was prompt and clear with communication and I was booked minutes later for a dive the next morning. I was the 5th diver to the group and was so grateful they were willing to add me. We did two local dives that were less traveled - this was also a treat. I hadn't been diving in a few years so we got a refresher and everyone took a light/relaxed vibe. Our Dive Master Parker was young yet knowledgeable and easy going. He was super patient with our group as we were all less experienced and some had troubles with equalizing. Jerry was hilarious and his pet PIG was the most unexpected and awesome mascot. We launched from Hull Bay Beach for a fantastic day. It was wonderful to be back under the waters! Thanks guys - you rock!

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