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Incredible Dives with Incredible People

I had booked this solo weekend hoping to dive with a local buddy, who set this up for us. Unfortunately he wasn't able to make the dive, I'm just not sure if I mean unfortunately for me or for him! I called Jerry, who is the Captain, the day before to see if I could still go out with them, and he welcomed me aboard. I was on the boat with all locals. I think that should say more than I ever could. Everyone on the boat was nice and welcoming to this "northerner". Since I didn't have a dive buddy, Parker, the Dive Master, offered to dive with me. It had been about 20 months since my last dive, so he took the time to walk me through a brief refresh, making me feel comfortable and safe. Dive sites were fantastic! St Thomas is one of my very favorite places to dive. Based on some of the other reviews my only negative is that I didn't get to meet Princess Abby....I guess there's always next time! :)

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