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Incredible wreck dive and lobster dive

These are the guys you want to dive with! I found this dive center by luck and I’m glad I did! Everyone else was closed or offered Beach dives. The crew was fun and extremely helpful. Just a short ride from the harbor and we were at the first location a massive old Indian tanker ship. From the surface I spotted two reef sharks which for me was exciting and scary being my first shark encounter. We had a nice 45 min dove exploring the wreck and once we were all back in the boat the crew quickly changed over our tanks and by the time they finished we were already at the next location. Another first for me! Wit gave me a crash course on catching lobster then handed me a snare and a bag. I didn’t have any luck catching any lobster but I had an amazing dive just enjoying the vibrant reef filled with marine life. Wit offered me the two crabs he caught at the end of the dive, thanks again!

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