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Safe and reliable dive operation in St. Thomas

Very impressed with these guys. I'm an AOW diver with many years of experience, but I wanted to introduce my 12-year old to Caribbean diving in hopes that he'll catch the bug and get certified. He had some limited pool training a couple of summers ago but otherwise no dive experience. Through the Discover program (we signed up for 2 morning dives), a dedicated dive master never left his side, walking him through the basic drills, watching his air and buoyancy, and helping him explore all the joys Caribbean diving has to offer (including a small but picturesque shallow wreck), starting in 10-12 feet and never going below 25-30. I hovered nearby and did my best not to get in the way, while the other DM took a small group on a slightly deeper adventure. The boat is in great shape, perfectly sized for a small group and well taken care of. We rented the gear, and the kit was in good shape, no issues at all. We got collected from a convenient location and booked online, the whole thing couldn't have been easier. Definitely recommend!

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