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Scuba Diving while on a cruise in St. Thomas

With so many islands to choose from, its no surprise so many divers hop on cruise ships and head to their dream destinations. Many cruise divers have one question... Will we have enough time?

Although the Caribbean is not a bad place to get left behind, most cruise passengers prefer to get back to their ship in time for a shower and a free meal.. Who knew?

The first thing to keep in mind is this, ship time is not always Island Time. The US Virgin Islands clocks never change. So when booking a dive remember to ask about the time difference. You certainly dont want to miss your dive after all that planning.

The team at Admiralty Dive Center try to make it as care free as possible for all our guests, but we try extra hard to ease the worry of our cruise passengers. When ship time is different than Island Time we send our guests a heads up. There is nothing worse that the anticipation of diving into our crystal blue ocean, only to find out your watch says 8am but its actually 9am and your dive boat is cruising without you.

Another thing to keep in mind is, some ships arrive at port later than others. So make sure your dive shop of choice offers a later dive or an afternoon dive. Most do because, who doesn't want to dive all day?

Admiralty Dive Center offers two trips daily. One at 8am for the early birds and one again at 1pm for the not so early birds.

To make the deal even sweeter, Admiralty Dive Center offers free transportation to and from both cruise ports, making your cruise diving as care free and simple as possible.

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